Make Money Online – How To Build Targeted Email List

Blogging for money : Email marketing could bring a lot of benefits to your online business. You can stay in touch with your  customers and you can send them all the information about updates instantly.

To just build a list does help a small amount in long run, but to have targeted mailing list helps exponentially more. So you need to focus on what your customers need and offer them what they want.

For example, if you have a blog about tablets, there is no benefit in offering your readers an e-book about dog training.

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Blogging For Money - Creating a Free Targeted Email list.

If you are using services like "bulk Email list", you should rethink your strategy. This is a useless investment that will send emails to people who are not interested.

As with all types of online marketing, targeted customers is the key.

Get interested people to subscribe to your newsletter. And there you have it - targeted customers.

How to make money - use an Autoresponder System.

I use an autoresponder system to build my list. It is the most effective way. The key is to offer a special free offers to your customers if opt in to your news letter.

Here is a few autoresponder services to consider: (I personally use mailchimp on this blog).


MailChimp is another popular email marketing and Autoresponder service. It is the free service for initially we can send 12 email broadcasts per month. Once we have reached the certain number in MailChimp account it will charge for monthly charges.

MailChimp helps us setup email newsletters and follow up message and integrate its services to the membership sites we already use, and we can track the results. It’s like the own web publishing platform.

List wire.

Listwire is one of the FREE autoresponder and internet marketing service on the web.  Listwire can meet all strategies of email marketing and newsletter needs and automated follow up email setup options.  It makes effective email marketing simple. Listwire has many features like subscriber management and email autoresponder system that makes it easy to create, and send effective email marketing campaigns.

Get Response.

Get response provides free Autoresponder with Advertisements. Get Response is probably the most powerful Autoresponders among others. We can send personalized marketing messages and follow up messages and newsletter services. Free trial is also available in get response Autoresponder system.


Aweber is one of the top Autoresponder service providers. It is widely known by all the internet marketer and product owners. The main feature it has a very reliable service at very formal rates. This is a great option if you really want a professional Autoresponder that is famous among the people. Currently aWeber offering a $1 trial for one month here we can test out the full features of the Autoresponder service. It is strongly suggested that you watch the Video Tutorials on Aweber before you decide to sign up any Autoresponder service.

Make Oney Online - Create a Special Offer.

Make your own special offers that you give to your customers. If it is a good offer, they will subscribe to your list naturally. I always give them a set of free e-books. In the thank you page you need to list the download link/s of the promised item/s.

Create A Squeeze Page And Drive Targeted Traffic To It.

You need to create a squeeze page with good information and images.

Embed your opt-in code into your squeeze page. Use your email marketing service's built in form builder or use WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator plugin on your wordpress blog.

Use Google Adwords or Facebook Ads PPC ads to drive customers to your squeeze page.

Make Money Online - How To Build Targeted Email List

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Tips and tricks to build a profitable List.

You can put another subscription offer to a separate list on your thank you page which the customer sees after he/she made a purchase.

Use separate autoresponders for your paying customers and your normal news letter fans.

Popups uses java script and most browser comes out with java script blockers pre-installed. Consequently most people looking at your site will not even see your invitation to subscribe. Therefore you need to create a static subscription for which would be embedded on your site (most like in a sidebar widget). Use colorful reminder texts in your posts guiding customers to your subscription form.

Build a landing page which is nice keyword optimized and make sure it is part of your sitemap so that Google and the other search engines can find and index it. This way you will get some organic traffic straight to your landing page. Also submit this landing page to directories.

Submit your landing page to article directories:


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